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Clairemont Hills is a residential project located along Lt. Artiaga Street and Alfonso XII in Corazon De Jesus in San Juan City.

The community is built on a strategic position as it’s surrounded by some of the largest business districts in the area. Its proximity to retail centres and other amenities make it a perfect home to employees and students in the area. This is one among the many reasons why you ought to consider investing your money in the Claremont Hill condominiums. They need to get assurance that they are not getting into a security threatened neighbourhood. The other thing is to ensure you don’t use too much fuel getting to shopping and entertainment place.

The location of Claremont Hills is a great place for everyone to consider. It is located in a place where you can access the neighbourhood and the capital region with ease. Here, we will look at some of the nearby facilities and amenities that make this condominium stand out from the rest. If you want a unit to reside or rent while on vacation, this is definitely the best choice.

Neighbouring Shopping Centres

For your best neighbourhood, you need to have a facility where you can access within a few minutes. This is just n case you forgot to buy something and need it for the night. You can rush to Green Hills Shopping Centre which is located about 5 minutes from the residence. This makes shopping easier, and as a mom you can take care of other duties within a short while.

Nearby Schools and Institutions

Families with school-going kids do not have to go a long way from home. With schools of good reputation, you can be assured of the best results with their education. You may consider enrolling them to;
•    Xavier school,  
•    Immaculate Conception Academy
•    La Salle Green hills academy.  

All the options you may be considering are located within 5-10 minutes drive away from the residence.

Nearby Entertainment Places

There are two major hotels around Clairemont hills. The first one is a five star hotel, known as Shangri-La EDSA. It is within a location of about 210 minutes away from the residence. There is another hotel known as Ortigas Centre. It is also within a close proximity within 5 minutes drive. You can enjoy the various foods and services there.

Neighbouring Business Districts

There are two business districts that are located near the Clairemont Hills residents. They are mainly for trade, and this can be a plus for once you move in to your new home. The location is within 30-40 minutes away from the residence. You can go for shopping and other retail needs at;
•    Makati Business District
•    Binondo Business District

Nearby Medical Centres

There are 3 medical centres to cater for you once you are feeling unwell. They are located within a short distance from the residence. Within a maximum of 15 minutes, you will be at the medical facility. At times you might need to get medical attention during the night, and with assurance of a safe and secure neighbourhood, you can drive your way to the nearby health centre. They include;
•    The Medical City
•    St. Luke’s Medical Center
•    Cardinal Santos Medical Center

Shopping & Business

  • Greenhills Shopping Center – 5-10 mins
  • Binondo Business District – 30-40 mins
  • Makati Business District – 30-40 mins


  • St. Lukes Medical Center-Q.C - 10-15 mins
  • The Medical City-Ortigas Ave. Extn. – 10-15 mins
  • Cardinal Santos Medical Center - 10-15 mins


  • Xavier School - 5-10 mins
  • Immaculate Conception Academy – 5-10 mins
  • La Salle Greenhills – 5-10 mins
Clairemont Hills Location

As Metro Manila's smallest city, with a land area of less than six square kilometres, San Juan nevertheless holds distinct advantages that are unique to its hilly terrain. Its central location in the metropolis gives its residents easy access various parts of the capital region, while its mainly residential neighborhoods are known for their peace and tranquillity.

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