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Amenities and Features

There are both indoor and the outdoor features and amenities. You can be assured o have a good time, while your children also enjoy their new home at the Clairemont Hills.

Indoor Amenities

With the indoor amenities, you get to enjoy a great gaming room. In it you will have billiards, chess and darts. This is a great time for you to enjoy your time and stay, while socializing our neighbours. A function room is available for such times and instances, a fitness centre to lead on a healthier life. There is also a fully functioning gym, where you can get enough time for your work out. There is a pool measuring 25 metres, along with a baby pool, when you just need to cool down. When you want to enjoy the sun, probably with your baby, there is a sun deck that has been beautifully designed to serve this purpose.

Outdoor Facilities and Amenities

There are also a lot of features you can enjoy in the outdoor of the Clairemont Hills. The kids are well considered, with a well and safely built play area. They can have multiple kinds of play items for them to enjoy play time. A jogging or bicycle lane has been built, when you or the kids would like to enjoy the fresh air. There is an outdoor sitting area, where you can sit, enjoy and appreciate great landscaped areas. You also get to enjoy pedestrian gates, where you can have pick up or drop off points.

With a secure and safe neighbourhood, you can allow your kids to enjoy play time. Whenever they are not in school, they can meet with other kids, and be assured they will learn from each other.

If you have been looking for a quiet, peaceful and secure place to live in the Philippines, Clairemont Hills condominium provides you with a perfect environment. Its residential design guarantees safety for your family in and out of the community. The environment is friendly and beautiful with a lot of green gardens and well-maintained flower gardens. Since its establishment, this condominium has been rated the most sought-after residential area in the city. Experience a modern city life far away from the highly populated and noisy city of San Juan. If you have a mortgage, Clairemont Hills residential units are the best choices for your dream home.

Clairemont Hills is a completed project with limited residential units available. If you have been looking for the ideal area to invest in a home, think of this condominium. It assures you of ample parking, full-time power and water supply, sports activities, resting area and spacious living units. Based on your family size, you can choose to invest in a 2 bedroom, 3-bedroom or 4 bedroom residential units. For all the units, residents have exclusive access to outdoor amenities and facilities such as the study area, swimming pool, children playground, parking and lobby. Clairemont Hills residential units can be booked easily by making your order online.

  • Billiard Room
  • Function Room
  • Game Room
  • Gym
  • Living Room
  • Lobby
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